Dates - Floorplan - Important Notes

Art of Norwich 60
(5th - 18th April)

    • Set in the uniquely tranquil and salubrious surroundings of St Margarets - Church of Art
    • A relaxed and friendly atmosphere
    • All artists welcome, regardless of style, qualification or experience
    • No selection policy or censorship restricting free expression
    • 0% commission charged on sales
    • Spaces from only £14 for a fortnight exhibition
    • Free entry for all visitors
    • We usually average approx 50 visitors per day (600-700 over the fortnight).

    The Art of Norwich are soon to put on their 60th exhibition of art, and are inviting all artists that might like to take part.

As usual with our exhibitions, there is no selection policy, we welcome artists from all backgrounds, regardless of qualification or experience and we can accommodate most styles and media of artwork.

These events are a great chance to show your creations to the public, meet other local artists, gain invaluable feedback & possibly sell your work. As an added bonus, we charge no commission on any sales you make.

The show will take place at St Margarets - Church of Art, will be installed on Sunday 5th April, then running upto Christmas, closing for a few days, before opening for a final couple of days upto the 18th April.

The floor plan for this exhibition can be viewed here, and shows the spaces and their associated fees.  Please be aware that spaces are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, so urgency is advised to avoid missing out on this fantastic opportunity.

If you have any questions or wish to reserve your space please email ArtOfNorwich@yahoo.co.uk.



Sunday 5th April - 11am - 2:30pm

Exhibition Opening:

Monday 6th April
to Saturday 18th April

Opening : 10am - 5pm


LAUNCH : Sunday 5th April (7pm-9pm)
With additional musical accompanyments
Saturday 18th April 5pm-6pm


Reserving a space in this exhibition is equivalent to preventing anyone else from taking that space. It is expected that each artist has checked their diaries and considered all other commitments before booking. While discretion may be granted in exceptional circumstances, cancellations within two weeks of the beginning of the exhibtiion will still incur the full fee.

Artists are free to fill their space however they choose, and can make reasonable use of the adjacent floor area for card stands or print racks, etc, so long as walkways and adjacent spaces are not blocked or affected. Adjustment of display panels or other changes to the layout are not permitted without express permission.

Please bear in mind that all participating artists are jointly responsible for the successful running of the event, which include the following obligations :

Each artist is responsible for:

- committing a fair share of time (TWO or more sessions per artist over the exhibition) manning the front desks to ensure it remains safe and secure.  If you are unable to commit to any times, you can pay a fee of £15 per session (or £25 for both) to waive these obligations.

- removing and taking away their work on the final Saturday of their booking, or beforehand if necessary. There will be another exhibitor due to set up the following day, and they are entitled to expect clear walls when they arrive.

- returning their space to the clean state in which they found it. Paint and filler is provided for the purpose.

Failure to fulfil these minimal obligations will impose unnecessary work on the organisers, an additional fee may be charged and persistent offenders may not be welcome back.

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