Art of Norwich 25

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@ St Margarets Church, St Benedicts Street, Norwich
(14th - 27th October)


Open 10am - 5pm daily, until Saturday 27th October


The Art of Norwich will soon be inviting all to join them as they celebrate their fifth anniversary, with the launch of their twenty-fifth exhibition, and the unveiling of the latest creations from over twenty-five of the region’s finest artistic minds. With half a decade of exhibitions already under their belt, showcasing the good, the mad, and the beautiful, they can, without a hint of arrogance, confidently promise another creative spectacular that will certainly be a crime to miss.

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The world was quite different five years ago, when the likes of Lehman Brothers and Northern Rock still appeared to be viable banks, Bernie Madoff was considered an investment genius, and a local self-taught artist, embarking on his professional career, was looking for suitable spaces to show off and sell his artwork and photography. Ruski was in search of a space where he could display his work alongside other artists, but without the pretence and excessive expense that is often found associated with things arty. He found that many exhibitions and galleries had strict selection policies and charged considerable fees to take part, as well as demanding high rates of commission on sales, all of which made the first steps as an up-and-coming artist more difficult than they needed to be.

Spotting a gap in the market, the seed of an idea began to germinate in his mind and he decided to create an exhibition of his own. Inspired by Norwich’s creative spirit he wanted to create a space where artists could exhibit their latest work as and when they created it, without the pressures of having to meet someone’s subjective criteria. The Art of Norwich was conceived, and was revealed to the world in September 2007.

From humble beginnings, the Art of Norwich exhibitions have grown organically; each show has built upon preceding successes, gaining in momentum, with word of mouth inspiring contributions from growing numbers from across our creative community. Every two months, from some metaphorical cauldron of creativity, emerges an eclectic display of wonder, delighting the eyes and inspiring the minds of all that pay a visit. Being a work of art in its own right, each Art of Norwich exhibition has its own unique character, created through the combination of contributions from the individuals taking part.

The exhibitions are open to all artists, regardless of style, qualification, or prior experience, and without any selection policy to inhibit their creativity or commission charges to erode any sales. Each participating artist chooses their own wall, and is charged a fee proportionate to its size. How they use their space is then, within reason, entirely up to them.

Through taking part in these exhibitions, participating artists often find they gain invaluable confidence, experience, and exposure; for many the Art of Norwich has provided a springboard towards attaining their career goals whether professional or academic. Being artist funded, sustainably self-sufficient, and independent of government and corporate sponsorship, the Art of Norwich has, since its inception, progressed from strength to strength, against the tide, as austerity measures have sadly threatened the progress of many other arts organisations.

5 years and 25 exhibitions have seen over 250 unique and individual artists taking part. Pretty much every conceivable style of art imaginable has been on show to the exhibition’s 15,000+ visitors, many of whom have demonstrated their appreciation by buying some of the work to keep. Some were so inspired that they decided to take the opportunity to exhibit their own work to the public for the first time!

As Ruski describes “It has been an ineffable delight to have seen the Art of Norwich flourish over the last five years, as St Margarets Church of Art has itself grown to become a thriving centre for the creative community. Full credit must surely go to the many varied contributions of the artists that have taken part, many of whom have exhibited with us regularly from the beginning. Each exhibition has had a character of its own, with a new combination of artists every time, I don’t think I could ever get bored. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next twenty-five shows!”

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This exhibition launches at St Margarets Church of Art, 7pm on Sunday 14th October, and will then be open every day between 10am-5pm, and Sunday 11am-2:30pm. Admission is free and all are welcome to attend throughout the fortnight.

- Alex Blythe
- Ann Nicholls
- Barbara Knowles
- Bex Ling
- Chris Richford
- Evie Janssens
- Eyetsa Ocloo
- Gary Rayner
- Jo Rice
- John Sparks
- Jon Richmond
- KAW Arts
- KC Jackson
- Kit Wong
- Laura Scott
- Lewis Lenton (Kitsune)
- Liz Reed
- Radka Myslikova
- Rachel Turner
- Rita Kaisen
- Richard Brooks
- Rkey (Def Tex)
- Ruski
- S C Marshall-Nichols
- Sami Payne
- Sandy Derry
- Sarah Faulkes
- Sarah Grisedale
- Sarra White
- Sophia
- Tricia Frances

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